Global 5000

Global 5000

YEAR 2005
LOCATION South America
TTAF 3220


Rolls Royce BR710A2-20
Serial Number: 12411
Hours: 3192
Cycles: 1699
HSI and Overhaul: On Condition
Rolls Royce BR710A2-20
Serial Number: 12412
Hours: 3220
Cycles: 1719
HSI and Overhaul: On Condition
Engines are enrolled on Rolls Royce
Corporate Care.
APU: Allied Signal RE-220 (GX), s/n P-249,
4454 hours


Gross Weight (Ramp): 89,950 lbs
Max Take-off Weight: 89,700 lbs
Max Landing Weight: 78,600 lbs
Max Zero Fuel Weight 56,000 lbs
Landings: 1719
Maintenance Tracking Program: CAMP
Aircraft is currently enrolled in SmartParts
• Six 8”x 7” DU-870 Color EFIS displays, 2 PFD/2 EICAS/2 MFD
• Triple HG-2001GD03 Inertial Reference Units
• Triple AZ-950 Micro Air Data Computers (MADC)
• Quad Ametek DA-810 Data Acquisition Units (DAU)
• Dual FMS Integrated Flight Management System
• Dual Honeywell GPS with LPV Approach Capability (SB700-1A11-34-028)
• Triple IC-800 Integrated Avionics Computers (IAC) with EFIS
• Primus 880 Weather Radar with LSZ-860 Lightning Sensor System
• Full Authority Digital Engine Control System (FADEC)
• Central Aircraft Information Maintenance System (CAIMS)
• Dual Honeywell Primus II Radio Management Units
• Dual Honeywell RCZ-833M Integrated COM/Ident Radios with Enhanced Surveillance Mode S Transponders (8.33 kHz) (SB700-1A11-34-014)
• 3rd VHF Comm Installation Honeywell RCZ-833 (8.33 MHz)
• Dual Honeywell RNZ-851 Integrated NAV Radios with VOR/ILS/MKR / ADF / DME (FM Immunity compliant)
• Dual Collins ALT-4000 Radio Altimeters
• Dual Collins HF-9031 HF Communication System
• Single Avtech CSD-714 SELCAL
• Honeywell TCAS 2000 Change 7.1 incorporated (SB700-1A11-34-038)
• Honeywell Mark V EGPWS
• Honeywell SSFDR Digital Flight Data Recorder
• Honeywell SSCVR Digital Cockpit Voice Recorder with Datalink Upgrade (SB700-1A11-23-034)
Bombardier Global Completion Center, October 2005. Refurbished 2016. Fireblocked, Fourteen (14) passengers plus one (1) jumpseat for crew only. Forward right side galley features a coffee maker, sink, chilled area and ice drawer. Forward left side
galley annex features a high-temp oven and microwave. Forward cabin features four (4) executive club seats with two (2) foldout
tables. Mid cabin features two (2) executive club seat with foldout table on LH side and a three (3) place berthable divan on the RH
side. (Divan occupancy limited to two (2) passengers during taxi, takeoff and landing). Aft cabin features a four (4) place conference
group on the LH side and two (2) executive club seats with foldout table on the RH side
Painted by Air Livery Staff UK 2016. Aircraft
fuselage is white with accent stripes on
fuselage, cowlings, tail and winglets
MNPS, RNP5, RNP10, RVSM Capable
• Artex 406 ELT with Nav Interface
• Heads Up Display System (with SB700-1A11-34-024)
• Enhanced Vision System (SB700-1A11-34-005)
• FANS 1/A+ RNP 4 (SB700-1A11-34-027)
• Batch 3.3 Software Upgrade (SB700-1A11-31-014)
• ADS-B Out (SB700-1A11-34-036)
• ADLS Data Link (SB700-1A11-23-005)
• ICG Aerocomm 3000 Iridium Phone
• Collins SRT-2100 Satcom
• Dual DVD Players
• Multi CD Player
• Airshow 400
• Forward and Aft Cabin 18.1” Bulkhead Monitors and 4 Seat Monitors.
• 110 VAC Cabin, Galley and Lav Power Outlets