YEAR 2002
LOCATION South Africa
TTAF 3327


Rolls Royce BR710A2-20
Serial Number: 12275
Hours: 8387
Cycles: 3258
HSI and Overhaul: On Condition
Rolls Royce BR710A2-20
Serial Number: 12272
Hours: 8387
Cycles: 3258
HSI and Overhaul: On Condition
Engines overhauled August 2018. Engines
are enrolled on Rolls Royce Corporate Care.
APU: Allied Signal RE-220 (GX), s/n P-186;
4699 hours.


Gross Weight (Ramp): 98,250 lbs.
Max Take-off Weight: (SB700-11-016) 98,000 lbs.
Max Landing Weight: 78,600 lbs.
Empty Weight: 49,773 lbs.
True Empty Weight: 50,032 lbs.
Basic Operating Weight: 51,944 lbs.
Landings: 3327
Maintenance Tracking Program: CAMP
Enrolled on Smart Parts Program
• Six 8”x 7” DU-870 Color EFIS displays, 2 PFD/2 EICAS/2 MFD
• Triple Honeywell Laseref IV Inertial Reference Units
• Triple Honeywell AZ-840 Micro Air Data Computers
• Quad Honeywell DA-810 Data Acquisition Units
• Triple IAC Flight Management System with 3 CD-820s (SB700-34-004)
• Dual Honeywell GPS with LPV (SB700-34-054)
• AFCS Windshear Escape Guidance (SB700-22-005)
• Triple IC-810 Integrated Avionics Computers (SB700-31-034)
• Primus 880 Weather Radar with LSZ-860 Lightning Sensor (SB700-34-030)
• Full Authority Digital Engine Control System
• Central Aircraft Information Maintenance System
• Dual Auto-Throttles
• Dual Honeywell Primus II Radio Management Units
• Dual Honeywell RCZ-833k Integrated COM/Ident Radios with Mode S Diversity Transponders (8.33 kHz compliant)
• 3rd VHF Comm Installation Honeywell RCZ-833 (8.33 MHz) (SB700-23-002)
• Dual Honeywell RNZ-851 Integrated NAV Radios with VOR/ILS/MKR / ADF / DME (FM Immunity compliant)
• Dual Collins ALT-4000 Radio Altimeters
• Dual Collins HF-9031 HF Communication System
• Single Avtech CSD-714 SELCAL
• Honeywell ACSS-950 TCAS II (Change 7.1 incorporated)
• Honeywell Mark V EGPWS
• Honeywell SSFDR Flight Data Recorder with 90 Day ULB
• Honeywell SSCVR Cockpit Voice Recorder with 90 Day ULB
Garrett Aviation Jet Center, Van Nuys, CA;
October 2002. Fireblocked, (FAA STC) Sixteen
(16) passengers plus one (1) jumpseat and one
(1) crew rest (Jumpseat and crew rest for crew
use only). The fwd right side galley features a
TIA High Temp Oven, TIA Microwave, Coffee
Maker and a Chiller Drawer. Forward cabin
features four (4) executive club seats with
foldout tables. Center-left cabin features
a four (4) place Conference Group with an
electric conference table on the LH side and a
four (4) place berthable 16G divan on the RH
side. Aft cabin features a right hand three (3)
place berthable divan (2 passengers only for
taxi, takeoff and landing), situated across from
two (2) executive club seats (forward and aft
facing) with fold out table. Also featured is a
forward crew lavatory and aft full lavatory
Last painted by BAS Tucson; May 2012.
Aircraft is overall Matterhorn white with
silver metallic, black metallic and Aristo Blue
accent stripes.
• FANS 1/A+ Compliant (SB700-34-053R1)
• Batch 3 Compliant
• ADS-B Out (SB700-34-062)
• CPDLC, MNPS, RNP4, RNP10, RVSM Capable
• L3 Integrated Standby Instrument System
• Securaplane 500 Security System w/ Quad Belly Camera
• Jumpseat Audio Panel
• ARTEX 406 ELT with Nav Interface
• Honeywell MCS-6000 6 Ch SATCOM (SB700-23-001)
• Honeywell DL-950 USB FMS Data Loader
• Teledyne Datalink ACARS System (SB700-23-005)
• Rockwell Collins Direct TV System
• Airshow 400
• DVD/CD Players
• 18” Forward and Aft Cabin Bulkhead LCD Monitors
• 115 VAC Cabin and Cockpit Power Outlets
• Reduced Cabin Pressure Altitude (SB700-21-034 R1)